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Los Angeles—Today longtime Democratic leader and public servant Mike Feuer announced his candidacy for the 30th Congressional District to succeed Congressman Adam Schiff, who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Feuer also announced the blockbuster endorsement of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass.

“Our fragile democracy itself is on the line and I’m going to fight for it. I’m running now because we need leaders who’ve proven they can rise to the toughest challenges and achieve big results,” said Feuer, who’s had a national presence successfully challenging the Trump Administration, Wells Fargo, the National Rifle Association and other powerful interests. “This election is about who, from Day One, can deliver bold, urgent leadership to meet this complex and perilous moment—leadership in the tradition of Congressman Schiff.

“With our communities reeling from mass shootings, no one will fight harder to prevent gun violence,” added Feuer, who’s been an acclaimed national gun violence prevention leader. “With women’s reproductive rights and the LGBTQ community under attack, no one will fight harder to protect fundamental rights,” continued Feuer, who has a distinctive record of protecting women’s right to choose and decades-long leadership of advancing equal rights for the LGBTQ community. “In the face of our climate crisis, no one will be more effective in promoting clean energy and a green economy that creates new opportunities for every community.” Feuer has been a widely recognized environmental champion who brought landmark litigation to address one of America’s worst greenhouse gas disasters.

“And no one will work harder to bring the L.A. region the federal resources we desperately need to solve homelessness and create affordable housing,” Feuer concluded, having successfully advanced affordable housing and taken significant action on homelessness. “We have no time to waste.”

Feuer’s announcement of Mayor Bass’s endorsement gives his campaign a major early boost.

“I am proud to endorse my longtime colleague and friend, Mike Feuer, for Congress,” said Bass. “I look forward to partnering with Mike on Capitol Hill to address homelessness and expand affordable housing. I’ve worked with Mike since his days on the City Council and he was a close colleague of mine in the State Assembly. As a Member of Congress, Mike Feuer will deliver for Los Angeles.”

Mike Feuer previously served as Los Angeles City Attorney, Majority Policy Leader and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the California Assembly, Los Angeles City Councilmember, and Executive Director of Bet Tzedek Legal Services, The House of Justice. The 30th District is Feuer’s home, and he has represented the lion’s share of it over the course of his career. Sixty-precent of the district is in Los Angeles and West Hollywood.

Feuer’s extensive accomplishments include, among many others:

Upholding democracy—Feuer wrote California’s Same-Day Voter Registration Law in the face of voter suppression efforts across America. Feuer led his City Attorney’s Office to play a key role in challenging Trump Administration efforts to undermine the Census and DACA, make LAPD complicit in civil immigration enforcement and much more.

Preventing Gun violence—Feuer has written many of the nation’s toughest gun violence prevention laws and co-founded the nation’s first coalition of prosecutors focused on the epidemic of gun violence. At the invitation of the Obama Administration, he spoke at the White House to governors, mayors and legislators from across America about how to successfully combat gun violence.

Confronting the climate crisis and championing environmental protection—As City Attorney, Feuer led his office to sue SoCal Gas over the historic Aliso Canyon greenhouse gas disaster, then fought to successfully resolve the case with the California Attorney General and others. Mike has written key laws to get cancer-causing toxics out of consumer products, advance water conservation, expand public transit and more.

Standing up for women’s reproductive rights—Mike was the only public official in California to enforce the FACT Act, that required crisis pregnancy centers to inform patients of their full reproductive options. Mike also wrote Los Angeles’s ordinance cracking down on misrepresentations by crisis pregnancy centers. He himself has defended women’s clinics against anti-choice activists attempting to block women’s access to those facilities.

Expanding access to health care—Before Obamacare, Feuer wrote California’s law requiring health insurance carriers to cover children with pre-existing conditions.

Protecting consumers—Feuer led landmark litigation against Wells Fargo over the fake accounts scandal and spearheaded important reforms. He was a joint author of the Homeowners Bill of Rights in the midst of the foreclosure crisis.

Fighting for seniors—Feuer directed Bet Tzedek Legal Services, providing free legal help to more than 50,000 seniors, people with disabilities and others confronting unlawful eviction, the loss of health care, and other critical problems. As a legislator he wrote laws requiring nursing homes to post quality of care ratings and led the effort to restore funding to investigate nursing home abuse and neglect.

Standing Up for the LGBTQ community—Both as a legislator and a lawyer, Feuer led efforts to promote marriage equality and target anti-LGBTQ hate and discrimination.

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