L.A. Mayor
Karen Bass
U.S. Rep.
Julia Brownley
U.S. Rep.
Salud Carbajal
U.S. Rep.
Jimmy Gomez
U.S. Rep.
Mark DeSaulnier
Former Congresswoman
Gabrielle Giffords
U.S. Rep.
Howard Berman (ret.)
U.S. Rep.
Alan Lowenthal (ret.)
State Senator
Steve Bradford
Josh Lowenthal
Tina McKinnor
Terry Friedman (ret.)
Sheila Kuehl (ret.)
West Hollywood City Councilmember
John Heilman
L.A. Controller
Rick Tuttle (ret.)
L.A. Controller
Laura Chick (ret.)
Jackie Goldberg
President, LAUSD Board of Education*
Scott Schmerelson
Vice-President, LAUSD Board of Education*
Allan Alexander
former Mayor,
City of Beverly Hills
Linda Briskman
former Mayor
City of Beverly Hills
Jimmy Delshad
former Mayor
City of Beverly Hills
Robert Wunderlich
former Mayor
City of Beverly Hills




Adele Yellin
Alan Skobin
Alan Stamm
Alton Reed
Ann Reiss Lane
Arlene Alpert
Arlene Samek
Brad Sears
Brett Spivey
Brian Rosenstein
Carrie Rudolf
Chancee Martorell
Claire West Orr
Craig Darian
Cynthia Pasternak
David Katz
Denise Atlas
Diana Rosen
Diane Berliner
Ed Begley
Edward Davis
Elizabeth Dymond
Ellen Stein
Elsi Roth
Elyse Eisenberg
Erwin Chemerinsky
Farhad Novian
Flora Gil Krisiloff
Francine Hanberg
Francine Oschin
Geoffrey Wharton
George Newhouse
Gina Nahai
Gita O’Neill
Glenda Ganis
Gordon Goldsmith
Grant Habata
Grover McKean
Hillard and Marilyn Rest
Hillel Cohn
Howard Halm
Howard Matz
Jackie Kassorla
James Woods

James Lane
James Wolford
Jane Blumenfeld
Jeffrey Levine
Jeffrey Gerber
Joe Viola
John Gallogly
John Montevideo
Joseph Mandel
Joseph Gabai
Judy Stuart
Karen Schetina
Kate Bartolo
Kelly Martin
Ken Alex
Ken And Sheryl Pressberg
Kenneth Sulzer
Kenneth Millman
Kevin Larkin
Kris Brown
Lee Ann Kennedy
Lee Kanon Alpert
Len Jacoby
Lenny Rosenblatt
Linda Briskman
Linda Deutsch
Linda and Lorin Fife
Lisa-Beth Harris
Loren Lieb
Luis Lainer
Lyndon Parker
Mahomed Khan
Marcia Herman
Marcus Charuvastra
Margot Bennett
Marilyn Nelson
Mark Schwartz
Mark Brown
Marshall S. Zolla
Martin Berman
Martin Buerkle
Mervis Reissig
Michelle Mcdonald
Morton Miller

Murray Fischer
Nancy Wright
Noah Furie
Noreen Vincent
Patricia Phillips
Paul Herman
Paul Kujawski
Peter Maduro
Peter Rothenberg
Phil Michels
Rabbi Laura Geller, Rabbi Emerita
Rabbi Milikan
Rev. John Cager
Richard Drooyan
Richard Feuer
Richard Walch
Nancy Walch
Robert Stern
Robert Reed
Rochelle Ventura
Ronald Sasiela
Ross Hopkins
Sandor Samuels
Sandra Aronberg
Sari Ross
Savana Warner
Scott Stone
Sherry Lansing
Stanley Kandel
Stanley Stalford
Steve Krantz
Steven Shapero
Stuart Tochner
Sunny Caine
Susan Brisby
Susan Berk
Suzanne Taylor
Tad Daley
Ted Stein
Theresa Bucher
Timothy Prince
Toni Mindling
Tudor Martin
William Margolin

“Mike Feuer is an absolute champion in the fight to prevent gun violence. He and I have worked very closely together for more than twenty years and I’ve always found him to be a tremendously effective advocate, leader and lawmaker. Simply put, Mike leads with vision and courage, and gets remarkable things done. As gun violence continues to rip through our nation, we need Mike Feuer in Congress. He has my strong endorsement.”


—Ann Reiss Lane, Founder, Women Against Gun Violence

“Mike has the proven lifelong commitment and accomplishments for all the right issues for the person I want to represent me. I love his passion and integrity. We need him in Congress. He’s the right person for this volatile time.”


—Elyse Eisenberg

“Mike is a principled leader with a proven track record, and a man of principle and integrity. He will be a great Congressman so I support him without hesitation.”


—George Newhouse

“Mike Feuer for a long time has promoted and often led to the enactment of many of the best proposals and legislation benefiting the broad public interest. I know him very well personally, and know him to be totally honorable. He will serve our district effectively.”


—Howard Matz

“I heartily endorse Mike Feuer for Congress, We need Mike in Congress because he has proven in every position he has held, that he knows how to solve our most important and complex problems. He is smart, understands issues at a deep level, is able to work successfully with all people and cares about our priorities. He has a long track record of successes; he knows how to get things done and he will get things done in Congress on our behalf.”


—Jane Blumenfield

“Mike is highly intelligent and a proven leader. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, where I’ve seen him in action for many years. He has been successful in every role he has undertaken, whether civic or governmental. His successes come from his ability to listen carefully to others, to bring to the forefront the greatest concerns of his constituents, and to act on them, in concert with others, to achieve results. He has always been ethical in all his dealings, which has become all too rare. Mike Feuer will make an excellent Congressman.”


—Karen Schetina

“I worked with Mike when he was a Councilmember and have followed his career since then. Mike is the real deal. Always willing to take on the toughest issues and get meaningful results. Mike will be a great Congressman.”


—Mark Brown

“Mike knows the issues. He is experienced and will be able to hit the ground running and will represent the interests of his constituents.”


—Noreen Vincent

“I endorse Mike Feuer because of the authenticity of his public interest, the genuineness and generosity of his motivation, his extensive experience in government, including his knowledge of public law, and all his good ideas for constructive change in governance at this time of urgent need for such change.”


—Peter Maduro

“Mike has been an absolutely exemplary — and all too rare — public servant for a very long time. We need more, many more, like him in Congress.”


—Robert Stern


16633 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1008, Encino, CA 91436
FEC# C00832402